Overflow 2019 – Ho

As it is an annual event, 2019 Ho edition was not an exception. With the help of God and by His grace the Overflow 2019 was also a success.

Overflow 2019 which is our 11th Edition and also happens to be our 10th year of reaching out to the many through the Overflow experience, was held in our mother church (where we begun) – the Global Evangelical Church – Ho Fiave.

It has never been in the power of mortal man from the very birth of Overflow. The ultimate presence of the Lord has never been left out of the experience. 2019 was power filled when the atmosphere was charged with the Divine Presence of the Most High. The Worship experience was a medium through which many had their healing, breakthroughs, divine encounter with the Lord among others.

Overflow 19
bowing to the most High in Worship

Testimonies could not be hidden for what the Mighty God has done is not that to be hidden. We give God the praise and Glory for filling lives and hearts present with great and massive testimonies.

View the Overflow 2019 gallery.

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